Sunday, September 2, 2012

Double Duty From The Dollar Store

I am always amazed by the endless rows of stuff that can be acquired cheaply, but if I can't find a use- or two or three- for it, then it's just a wasted dollar. I don't like wasting anything if I can help it...
Here's a few items at the local Dollar Store that I am proud to say I have invested in...
  • Toothpicks- paint art on your fingernails using nail polish, apply small amounts of glue, or hold down small items while they dry
  • MakeUp Spnges- AKA Cosmetic Sponges- cut into smaller pieces, these make ink daubers, and are a good to get ink from an inkpad into tiny corners of paper. They can also be cut into stamps, and mounted on a scrap of wood or an old block.
  • Toothbrushes- the best cleaning tool out there to remove dry ink from red rubber stamps. Load with paint and use for spatter effects by running your finger over the brush (do this in a box or your yard- it will get messy)
  • Eyeshadow Applicators- use as chalking tools, or ink daubers.
  • 4x6 Photo Albums- store brass stencils, die cuts or any other small paper bits, turn into a mini album for a last-minute gift
  • Dryer Sheets- (unused) sweep across paper before stamping and using embossing powder to avoid static and stray bits of powder. Then use them in the dryer. Used, they can be stamped on or have ink rubbed on for homemade designer 'mulberry' paper. Put a small ball in the middle, gather all sides and tie with a string and you've got a Halloween ghost to decorate with.
  • Glass Ware- can be decorated using etching powder (available at most craft stores). Can be drawn on with a Sharpie and baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to 'cure' (handwashing recommended). Can store craft goodies, bath items, and 'gifts in a jar'
  • White Glue (any brand will work)- add 50% glue and 50% hot water to a tight-sealing jar and shake well to make Mod Podge, or decoupage glue. Add a few drops of thin acrylic paint and stir well, to make glossy 3D effects. Also the best glue for glitter I've ever found.

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