Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can you spare a moment for a hero?

Heroes give so much.... their time, their knowledge.... sometimes, even their lives.
How do you thank someone for being a hero?
Operation Write Home has figured out a huge need for deployed heroes- handmade cards! There isn't always a nearby Hallmark in the desert, and the heroes want to write home. While deployed, these men and women are missing out on loved ones' birthdays and holidays. Sometimes, they just want to say 'hello'. A handmade card is a beautiful, personalized touch for a hero to send home.
However, Operation Write Home has a two-fold mission. They also collect 'Hero Mail', cards or letters in which you write a thank you note to a hero, and pages colored by children.
There are only a few very important guidelines when making cards for OWH.
  1. No glitter. Glitter gets on everything, and can be seen through night-vision goggles
  2. No violent, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate cards. Remember, these cards go overseas to nations with different views on drugs, alcohol, and appropriateness.
Basically, that's it.

Link to Operation Write Home
Link to free coloring pages for kids (or adults)
Link to warm your heart (card recipients)

The website has great tutorials and ideas for improving your card making skills. Great place for inspiration!

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