Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Parental guidance reccommended, not necessary

I love adult humor, and cursing, and all other things totally inappropriate for children to see.
But it really gets my goat when I realize that a good percentage of what kids are exposed to is far too mature for them. And while I'm not a parent, I understand how difficult it must be to keep these ridiculously adult situations out of your home.
I decided to make my blog family-friendly.
I am NOT suggesting anyone leave their kids alone at the computer. I AM saying I won't post anything I wouldn't want, say, a ten year old to view by himself.
IF, by any chance, I work on any Renaissance-ish art or decide to paint a big ol' cuss word, I will figure a way to edit it, or just not post it here.
I swear I will not swear.

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