Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hoarders make the best crafters

If you craft, then you know what I mean.
Not hoarding like those TV shows, with a hundred cats and trash up to the ceiling. No refrigerator full of rotting food, no lawn full of truck parts.
I'm talking about craft-hoarding. Buying two of that pack of brads because they are on sale. Keeping supplies around from crafts you just never got the hang of. Purchasing a tool that never works the way you want it to, but you never throw it away.
Why? You might need it someday.
So, I made myself a promise. A vow. A sworn declaration.
I will not buy any more craft supplies. I will use what I have. I made an exception for adhesive, as I always run out, but I will not buy anything else.
It may not be easy, but it will force  me to destash.
And once I clear out some craft supplies, I will (of course) lift my self-imposed buying ban....
I hope this blog gives you some ideas to use up some of those supplies you've been hoarding. At the very least, it should inspire me to craft more.
Hoarding is best when there are enablers, after all.

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